We have seen over 8,000 positive reviews about the Expand-a-Lung since we went digital in 2002. While you can find more reviews across the internet, here are a few that we would like to share with you:

Expand-a-Lung USA (English)

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By Jesse

“I love this little device! It improves swimming performance, anything cardio and just basic breathing efficiency for everyday life and for fitness. 10 stars!!! This product really works, I am currently in the military and going to dive school but I needed to increase my breath hold time. Before, I could barely get down and back doing an underwater swim. I would often get very winded and run out of breath fast. I can tell you that after using this product for about a week or so for a half hour to one hour a day, I can now do multiple 50m underwater swims (some holding 5-10lb weights). I don’t get winded as much and I can now do high intense work outs (cross fit and more) longer without breaks. I highly recommend this produce but remember you get what you put in to it so you MUST use this product every day or every other day minimum. I usually do it while I’m at work sitting down or when I am laying down watching Netflix. Find the perfect time for you and use it increasingly every week. I love this thing!!”

By Chris Cameron

“This is by far the best product on the market for increasing your lung capacity. I have competed in three marathons since using this product and I have bettered my finish on average from 42nd place to 6th place. I have used a similar product on the market in the past and really didn’t get any results. Thank you Expand-a-Lung!!!”

By Beesquare

“I did not buy this for Olympic trials, not at all. I have A.L.S. (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and I need to exercise my lungs to keep me living as long as possible and to avoid breathing emergencies. It works great. The resistance is adjustable by turning the valve at the end opposite from the mouth piece. The clear silicone mouthpiece is comfortable. You need to wash this unit every day or two. That is easy. No need to disassemble it. I just fill up a cereal bowl with hot water, add antibacterial soap, and drop the unit into the water. I let it sit for a while, then pull it out and rinse the soap out of it. It’s a good deal. The design features I like are (1) it’s compactness, and (2) no need to disassemble it to wash it. Highly recommend it!”

By Ryan Waddell

“Really amazing tool for singers and also with anyone short of breath from allergies. I use this thing every day and I gotta say I feel more energized and calm. Give it a try!”

By Andy

“If you train with this daily and use it correctly you will find real and concrete benefits. I used to get out of breath when doing long distance 1 mile continuous swims and 4.5 mile runs. Now after using this for nearly 2 weeks, I am able to complete 5.5 miles by just breathing through my nose and without gasping for air and collapsing at the end of every run. As for swimming, I can inhale a greater amount of oxygen and exhale with greater strength underwater, all without the feeling like I am being starved of oxygen. After my exercises or in between sets of upper body and lower body weight training I don’t get winded or fatigued like I used to. This product is by far the cheapest thing I’ve ordered on Amazon but it could be my best buy ever. At the end of the day it’s how you utilize the product. Don’t expect to use it once or twice a week and expect to see world changing benefits.”

By Daniel Paz

“Trust me. Get this. My muscles give out before my lungs or cardiovascular system does if you use it properly. I am a pretty competitive age group triathlete and cyclist.”

By Eve

“I’ve learned that, as we get older, our breathing tends to get shallower. Shallow breathing lowers the blood oxygen levels, weakens the muscles around the diaphragm and rib cage, and closes down the microscopic parts inside the lungs. During a recent hospitalization, I was given an inhale-only exerciser to use every hour. In five days, my breathing got much stronger. I decided to research lung exercisers, and I chose Expand-A-Lung.

First of all, Expand-A-Lung works on both the inhale and the exhale, expanding the lungs on the inhale and strengthening the muscles on the exhale. Second of all, the resistance setting expands the lungs slowly – (a fast inhale just doesn’t get air to all the microscopic lung parts). Finally, the Expand-A-Lung is small and portable, so you can easily keep it where you will use it regularly.”

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