Expand-A-Lung® Training Snorkel


Attention all swimmers, divers, water polo players, surfers, triathletes and general land and water athletes. If you like our Expand-A-Lung® breathing fitness trainer, you will LOVE the Expand-A-Lung® Dual Purpose Snorkel. Just like the original Expand-A-Lung®, the Dual Purpose Snorkel has variable inspiratory and expiratory resistance which can be used during surface swimming to improve endurance. The resistance valve is easy to remove and transforms the Expand-A-Lung® Dual Purpose Snorkel into a regular recreational snorkel that can be used for snorkeling and diving.

Expand-A-Lung® Dual Purpose Snorkel features:

  • Comfortable high quality silicone mouth piece
  • Easy to use adjustable resistance valve
  • Variable inspiratory and expiratory resistance
  • Removable resistance valve takes this snorkel from an endurance trainer, to a recreational snorkel in no time.
  • 45 day return policy for a risk free purchase
  • Quality guaranteed with 5 year warranty on parts and labor
  • Free shipping in the USA
  • Secure checkout on our website
  • Proudly made in the USA




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